Got Yard Debris?

The green materials drop off site is open to the public:

Monday - Saturday from 7:00am to 3:00pm

5575 Nicasio Valley Rd, Nicasio, CA 94946

(415) 662-9849

Defensible Space: Green Material Drop Off Dates 2021

As the fire season is already upon us, West Marin Compost and Marin County Fire will be hosting two days where West Marin residents can drop off yard debris to facilitate a fire safe environment around their homes. The Marin County Fire department will be on site to facilitate the drop-off and may be available to answer questions, depending on time availability. Please use this event as an opportunity to walk around your home to assure you have created a Defensible Space. For more information on Defensible Space see this brochure.

When & Where

Dates: July 10th | August 14th
Time: 9:00 am - 3:00 pm
Where: West Marin Compost, 5575 Nicasio Valley Rd, Nicasio

Drop off fee

The drop off fee provides essential long-term support for the project and is competitive with alternative green materials disposal options for West Marin residents, while reducing the time and fuel needed for trucking to East Marin disposal sites, or beyond.

Please note: It is illegal to put toxins into the green can or dispose of them in any but an approved toxic waste facility. Each incoming load is inspected; contaminated loads are not accepted. If contaminants are found following off-loading, the driver will be required to immediately reload and remove the material from the site.

Only clean green material (yard debris) will be accepted at the drop off site.

Tipping fee: A tipping fee is charged for all materials delivered to the drop off site. Each load will be measured to assess the volume.

Green material
$40/cubic yard
Tree trunks
Tree stumps up to 1' diameter
$110 each
Tree stumps up to 2' diameter
$220 each
Tree stumps up to 3' diameter
$330 each
Dimensional lumber/wood scraps
Will no longer be accepted

West Marin equestrian facilities: West Marin Compost provides manure hauling services. We will place an empty dumpster for used bedding and manure. Full dumpsters are hauled and replaced by an empty one as needed. Please call us at (415) 662-9849 to set up your service and discuss fees.

Other manures: Please contact us for services on other manure management.

West Marin Compost

7:00 am - 3:00 pm

(415) 662-9849

5575 Nicasio Valley Rd. Nicasio, CA 94946