Defensible Space: Green Material Drop Off Dates 2021

As the fire season is already upon us, West Marin Compost and Marin County Fire will be hosting two days where West Marin residents can drop off yard debris to facilitate a fire safe environment around their homes. The Marin County Fire department will be on site to facilitate the drop-off and may be available to answer questions, depending on time availability. Please use this event as an opportunity to walk around your home to assure you have created a Defensible Space. For more information on Defensible Space see this brochure.

When & Where

Dates: July 10th | August 14th
Time: 9:00 am - 3:00 pm
Where: West Marin Compost, 5575 Nicasio Valley Rd, Nicasio

Organics Recycling: Good for the environment

Marin residents can drop off yard debris at West Marin Compost to avoid landfilling. Organic matter in landfills creates methane, a potent greenhouse gas. As compost or mulch it is a valuable, much needed soil amendment that creates healthy soils:

  • Improve soil structure
  • Conserve water
  • Reduce erosion
  • Increase CEC (Cation Exchange Capacity)
  • Optimized nutrient management
  • Sequester carbon (carbon farming/gardening)

In the know: Go to the links below to be informed

Find out more about Carbon Gardening and how you can help mitigate climate change.

Examine your home and garden for fire safety. Yard debris for clearing to meet defensible space requirements can be dropped off at West Marin Compost on July 10th and August 14th.

Learn about fire safe uses of mulches while improving fire safety around the home.

Nicasio Blend is Organic. More to follow soon.

Reuse your vegetable scraps at home and recycle. Take a walk through the West Marin Compost site to learn more about organics recycling.

West Marin Compost is a public-private partnership between:

  • Lunny Grading and Paving, Inc.
  • Lafranchi Dairy
  • Marin County

Technical assistance from:

  • West Marin Compost Coalition

Administrative assistance from:

  • Marin Resource Conservation District (RCD)

Funding support from:

  • USDA Natural Resources Conservation
  • Service-Conservation Innovation Grant
  • Lunny Grading and Paving, Inc.
  • The Rathmann Family Fund
  • Redwood Empire
West Marin Compost

7:00 am - 3:00 pm

(415) 662-9849

5575 Nicasio Valley Rd. Nicasio, CA 94946